Episode 4C – Into the Indian Ocean

In this episode, we follow Nearchus and his fleet as they brave the Southeastern monsoon and cope with dwindling water reserves to make their way through the Indus River delta and into the Indian ocean, where they rendezvous with Leonnatus. We also see the fleet encounter a previously unknown people, who the Greeks  call the “fish eaters.”

It’s here! Thanks to the amazing efforts of listener Chris Swanson (also known as The Map Guy – go to his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/The-Map-Guy-560905510750762/…) we finally have our very own, completely original and detailed map of the first bit of Nearchus’ journey into the Indian Ocean.

The fact is that Nearchus’ journey has been largely forgotten by modern historians, and the newest detailed map of his journey that I was able to find dated from almost 100 years ago. As such, as much as I am aware, this is the best, and newest map in existence showing Nearchus’ journey as it is understood today. Quite a feat for a little hobby podcast and mapmaker, if I do say so myself!

Tell us what you think, and make sure to give Chris a big round of applause for his work!


Episode 4C – Into the Indian Ocean

2 thoughts on “Episode 4C – Into the Indian Ocean

  1. Hi Guillaume
    I’m from Melbourne Australia and am enjoying your podcasts. My interest is in Australian explorers but also famous “sailors” like Cook Magellan etc.
    You have now expanded my interests with so many explorers I had never heard of, and I am up to 4D.
    Well done!! I enjoy your style and speed and you are easily understood. Keep going with the quotes.
    BTW with such an unusual name, I could not understand you when you stated it. Now I know. It seems you are from Montreal but .ch is Swiss.??
    Keep up the great work.


  2. Hi again Guillaume
    I forgot to say that you stated that Nearchus built 2000 ships for 15000 people. That’s only 7 per boat. This doesn’t make sense.
    Can you explain please?


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